The importance of a common platform that brings together all the entities and enterprises involved in the maritime sector was highlighted by the Malta Maritime Forum CEO, Michael Callus during a short presentation delivered at the Southern European Pilots Meeting which the Malta Maritime Pilots hosted between April 29th and 30th. The meeting, bringing together pilots from various Mediterranean countries and officials of the European Maritime Pilots Association (EMPA) and the International Maritime Pilots Association (IMPA) discussed proactive pilotage through continuous professional development (CPD).

Acknowledging the need for continuous professional development, Callus said that last year, the Malta Maritime Forum launched a marine induction course in conjunction with the MaritimeMT aimed at attracting people already working within the maritime industry as well as prospective employees. The course is designed for shore-based personnel working at the Port Authority, in ship agency services, as freight forwarding agents, terminal operators and other maritime related service providers.

The learning objectives of the course are to:

  • create awareness to newly employed personnel in the shipping industry for land-based jobs;
  • impart a sense of situational awareness in the candidates so as to reduce accidents;
  • familiarise new candidates with ships and port regulations so as to avoid unnecessary mistakes and to increase efficiency;
  • familiarise new candidates with a ship’s working procedures and personnel so as to have a better working relationship.
Author: MMF