The Malta Shortsea Promotion Centre (MSPC), established in June 2005, is a non-profit and non-commercial centre that collaborate and coordinate its activities with stakeholders in the transport and logistics industry in Malta that have a commercial, business or public interest in the industry and afford a greater and more effective synergy between the stakeholders and industry participants of Malta.  

MSPC is a member of the European Shortsea Network, an association made up of 28 European countries with their main objective being that of promoting short sea shipping in Europe.  The Directorate General of Mobility and Transport of the European Commission whose mission includes the promotion of transport through shortsea shipping recognise this network. The European Commission acknowledges that transport by sea has the lowest carbon emission and thus is the most environmentally friendly.  The presidency of the European Shortsea Network is currently held by Malta which also hosts the official registration of the European Shortsea Network as a legal entity.