Stopping off for bunkers in Malta is the logical choice for thousands of vessels every year – the island’s strategic location means they can stop and refuel quickly and efficiently, with no deviation from the routes between Northern Europe and the Suez Canal.  Hence, it is no surprise that Malta is well established as a major bunkering hub for the Mediterranean, with a wide range of suppliers in this sector and a number of options to suit individual requirements.  Most of the cruise liners calling into Malta take on bunkers.  Within the Grand Harbour, bunker barges can be supplied via pipeline at Flagstone Wharf, the Deep Water Quay and Ras Hanzir Dophins.  At Marsaxlokk, bunker barges can be loaded from San Lucian Terminals.  Offshore, six specific areas around Malta have been allocated for bunkering operations. Malta boasts no fewer than 17 bunker barges, owned by various private companies.  The arrival of the LNG storage tanker Armada Mediterranean in Malta in October 2016 represents another important landmark for the island’s bunkering operations that will opens up the possibility for LNG bunkering in future.