Set up in October 2015, the Malta Maritime Forum is a non-governmental organisation that serves as a common platform for those Malta-based entities who are involved in the maritime, logistical and transport sector in Malta.

To date, the Malta Maritime Forum has to-date managed to secure a very wide spectrum of members to its initiatives including: Ship Repair, Terminal Operators, Oil & Energy Facilities, Ship Owners & Operators, Shipping Agencies, Marine Surveyors, Classification Societies, Educational Institutions, Federation for Aquaculture, Small Business Representation, Short Sea Promotion Centre, Maritime Lawyers, Stevedores, Ship Management Companies, Naval Architects, Maritime Pilots, Bunker Suppliers, Towage Operators, Cruise Port Operators, Oilfield Services, Hauliers, Maritime Consultants, Freight Forwarders, others. Membership to the Forum is classified in three categories: Corporate – Associate – Individual.

MMF facilitates communication between the various sectors as well as with Government, to assist and promote the development of this industry in general. The Malta Maritime Forum is a member of the European Network of Maritime Clusters.


  1. To provide value, support and leadership to the Maritime Community;
  2. To act as the leading Maritime Cluster of the Maltese Islands that serves, represents and promotes the interests of the entire Maltese Maritime sector;
  3. To be the influential (respected, reliable, trustworthy, esteemed, valued, distinguished) and vibrant voice on all matters related to the Maritime Industry and the Blue Economy;
  4. To act as the flag-bearer for the entire Maritime Industry and to create constant awareness amongst all stakeholders – including government and the general public – about the importance of the Maritime Industry to the strategic needs and socio-economic development of Malta;
  5. To engage with the Maritime Industry and provide its players a “home” where they can be heard and where their issues will be taken up collectively and collegially on their behalf; any action deemed necessary to ensure that the decisions of this General Meeting are implemented;
  6. To provide a central national organization for the representation, promotion and protection of all interests pertaining to the Maritime Industry and the Blue Economy, to act as the counter-weight for the National Authority and/or Ministry solely responsible for Maritime Affairs on the Island and to actively and constructively consult and be consulted by government in the development of public policies with a view to influence National Maritime Policy now and in the future;
  7. To co-operate with and/or to act as an authoritative medium of communication with the Maltese and European Authorities to relay the ideas, opinions and concerns of the Industry as a whole;
  8. To promote, support and/or establish the necessary mechanisms – organization of fora, seminars, study groups and research with a view to identify barriers, legislative or other measures which affect the interests or endanger the prosperity of the Maritime Industry or impair the welfare of its Members and to make recommendations as necessary in favour of the Maritime Industry;
  9. To participate actively in social and Governmental dialogue and events for, and in the best interests of the Maritime Industry, and to express ideas and views relating to national maritime policy/ies;
  10. To encourage and support initiatives which lead to the development of new maritime concepts and activities which may lead to the creation of new business ventures and additional opportunities for employment and investment in the Maltese economy;
  11. To promote research, education and training within the Maltese maritime sector;
  12. To develop awareness of EU policies, programmes and legislation that can assist private enterprise in the expansion of short sea transportation activity;
  13. To offer mediation services to members in conflict situations;
  14. To establish and maintain dialogue with key stakeholders – including governments, institutions, business organisations, international agencies and accredited experts, and to establish contacts, liaise and conclude agreements of cooperation with like-minded institutions and/or supporting organisations;
  15. To pursue actions that shall advance the Maltese Islands as a worthy jurisdiction for the provision of Maritime services and investment within the Mediterranean region, the European Union and the rest of the world;
  16. To aim for sound financial management, sustainable financial planning and self-sufficiency.
  • A common platform for the maritime sector.
  • Harness conflict resulting from the different interests represented and transform same into an energy aimed at developing the maritime sector.
  • Holistic approach.
  • A public-private partnership with Government.

The Malta Maritime Forum is a non-governmental organisation registered with the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations (VO/1244). The forum operates on a non-profit basis and in accordance with the provisions of article 38 of the Voluntary Organisations Act (Cap.492 of the Laws of Malta).