Associate Members

AML was founded in 2002 with a passionate and determined spirit to offer an exceptional quality service while providing the right solutions to our customers through Crew management, Malta Flag Registration and Corporate Services.
Bluhull Marine Agency is a single-source provider of support services to the Maritime Industry.
Led by Rodolphe Saadé, the CMA CGM Group is a world leader in shipping and logistics. Its 566 vessels serve more than 420 ports around the world, on all five continents.
ESA Group operates in the maritime business for more than 70 years. Our Maltese office focuses on crew and technical management for ships and yachts.
Eurocem Limited was incorporated in 2016 with the overall aim of streamlining the purchasing arm of the various shareholders in their procurement of high-quality stone aggregate (for use in asphalt concrete and concrete applications) and cement. The company is continuously working to enhance the research and development of the materials imported to meet the challenges and technical advances demanded by the road construction and civil engineering industry in Malta.
Located in Malta, Focal Maritime aims at translating the island’s geographical location into concrete services to the maritime industry. This policy manifests itself in the range of services that the company offers, particularly concerning Ship Agency and Cargo services.
Vassallo Associates helps clients mobilise the full potential of their marine assets and operations. We offer technical and
operational support and assist clients in managing risk through high value advisory services.
J.B. Sorotto Limited has a long maritime tradition. Established in 1877, we are today one of the leading ships’ and registration agencies in Malta.
KS Shipping Malta is a registered maritime company offering a holistic complement of diversified maritime services including, but not limited to Ship Management and Port Agency.
The MMLA aims at enhancing the qualitative standards of Maltese legislative and regulatory infrastructure in order to consolidate Malta’s preeminent position as an international maritime service centre.
Malta Mooring Masters Cooperative Ltd. provides safe and efficient Mooring Master and POAC services for oil and gas ship-to-ship operations.
MaritimeMT provides certified training services to seafarers and shore- based personnel. We do this through our three Academies – Merchant Navy, Small Craft & Superyacht.
Operating continuously since 1860, MBL is a leader in Maltese and Algerian Cruise Services, Yacht Agency & Concierge Services and Destination Management (Quality Assured)
Medsea Shipping Agency has been in operation since 1999. During this time the Company has become a leading Liner Agency in Malta representing
first class Ship Owners. Furthermore the Company has developed its Tramp Agency and is strong in Bunkers and in the Project Cargo sectors.
MSC Cruises is the world’s largest privately-owned cruise line and brand market leader in Europe, South America, and South Africa, a Swiss-based European company with deep Mediterranean roots.
NAS is a leading marine design, survey and consultancy firm offering specialist technical and certification services to shipping, yachting and offshore clients.
SMS is one of the longest established private group of companies in Malta with its roots in the shipping business. It is on this basis that SMS has developed from a shipping agency to a large group of companies employing over 200 persons active in travel, tourism,language schools, shipping, insurance, logistics, ship registration and financial services, as well as general trading.
Salvo Grima Ship Supply was originally established in 1860 and is today the largest Company operating in ship supply in Malta . The Company offers a vast range of stores such as provisions, deck, engine, cabin, medical stores amongst many others and offers same to its clients at very competitive prices.
Founded in 1986, Seatrans Shipping is committed to providing a full array of shipping services of the highest standard, tailor-made to suit each customer’s individual needs.
We move your world forward. Sullivan Maritime provides a multitude of valuable services in the shipping sector, enriched by their expertise and experience. Sullivan Maritime guarantees highly personalised, attentive customer service, utilising a specialised documentation system for all cargo.
Founded in 1948, the Malta Chamber of SMEs is today a fully recognised constituted body and social partner at law, representing its members on Malta’s Council for
Economic and Social Development (MCESD).