Malta, through the Malta Marittima Agency (MMA), acknowledges the importance of the blue economy as contributor to economic growth, job creation and innovation, as well as representing the maritime dimension of the Europe 2020 strategy.  The maritime sector encompasses an immense variety of activities that are directly or indirectly linked to the sea.  The ancillary and support services associated with marine operations are significantly far-reaching and have a considerable impact on Malta’s economy and labour market. As an island, this sector is interlinked with other sectors of our economy, such as tourism. Hence, MMA considers it vital that the blue economy continues to be developed in an integrated approach but also in a sustainable manner in order to continue to reap economic growth from our coasts, seas and oceans, while at the same time safeguarding their longer-term health.

In view of the diverse nature of maritime economic activities within the sector, MMA considers the importance of research and innovation in order to tap into the high growth potential of the blue economy. Sharing marine knowledge between countries would not only play a vital role for blue growth but also encourage the promotion of common policies and cooperation amongst countries. Furthermore, skills and education are key drivers to drive innovation forward, as well as to tap into the potential of the blue economy in terms of jobs and investments. Hence, MMA encourages the cooperation of the education sector and industry to address skills gap present in the maritime sector.