What’s the Malta Maritime Forum?

The Malta Maritime Forum (MMF) is there to champion all matters related to the Maritime Industry and the Blue Economy on behalf of its members.  As a maritime cluster, the MMF includes the major economic players in such activities as shipowners, port and terminal operations, vessel towage provision, ship agencies, bunkering operations, pilotage, tank-cleaning facilities, docking operations mooring-personnel, dockers, cargo haulage, professional services providers and suppliers of yachting services amongst many other activities.

The role of the Malta Maritime Forum is to bring together all operators involved in these activities to a common platform and to act as the flag-bearer for the entire maritime industry.  At the same time, it seeks to actively influence national maritime policy by facilitating communication between the various sectors as well as with Government to assist and promote the development of this industry in general.  The Forum provides a “home” to all players in the Maritime Industry, where they can be heard and where their issues will be taken up collectively and collegially on their behalf.

Since its inception, the Forum has been providing value, support and leadership to the Maritime Community.  The Forum is eager to represent your company too and invites you to form part of our prominent and dynamic organisation to enjoy the benefits and support we provide.  Please fill in the form below and we will be delighted to guide you through the process and get you onboard.

Why become a member?

The Malta Maritime Forum assists and promotes the development of the Maritime Industry in Malta. Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our members had to say…

There is no doubt in my mind as a maritime industry practitioner for 36 years that the Malta Maritime Forum plays a crucial role in Malta’s current maritime landscape. It is the one central platform where serious maritime industry players can voice their opinions, share views and ideas on our industry whilst providing an effective, strong, single voice for the Maltese Maritime Industry when required.

Dr Ann Fenech, President, Malta Maritime Law Association; Partner, Fenech & Fenech Advocates

The Malta Maritime Forum is a pivotal platform where all entities involved in the maritime sector bring their thoughts, voice opinion and formulate the strategy for the development of the Maltese maritime sector. It has at heart the best interest of the Maltese Maritime Industry.

Alex Montebello, CEO - Malta Freeport Terminals Ltd.

The Malta Maritime Forum actively engages with the players in the Industry.  It provides a “home” for us economic operators in the Maritime Industry where our opinions can be heard and where our issues are taken up collectively with the Authorities on our behalf.

Mario Mizzi, CEO & Director of Tug Malta Ltd

The Malta Maritime Forum has represented the local Maritime cluster for a number of years. It has given value to us in the Maritime Industry and has made it possible for all connected professions to discuss respective issues under one umbrella.

Michael Callus, Business Development Director - Medsea Shipping Agency

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