Malta encompass all aspects of conversion, dry-docking and repair works, including steel renewal, engine, generator and boiler overhaul, mechanical, automation, electronic, electrical and pipe work, deck fittings repair/renewal, navigation equipment and accommodation renewal and refurbishment, such as galley, public areas, theatres, cabins, decks and wheelhouse.

Malta also operates a dedicated superyacht facility within the Grand Harbour of Malta and includes an area of more than 45,000 square metres, a covered 140-metre dock, a 160-metre-long graving dock and more than 400 metres of quay for alongside afloat repairs, supported by shore services, workshops, storage facilities and offices.  The docks and quays are serviced with rail-mounted cranes with a maximum lifting capacity of 50 tonnes.  Supporting workshops (including separate carpentry, aluminium/steel workshops and painting quarters), coupled with extensive space available for storage and leisure facilities for the crew, enable the yard to deal easily and appropriately with all types of superyacht requirements.