Who, what regulated Titan? No information has been provided to suggest the submersible had been registered with a flag state

According to the pieces of information coming out in the press, the submersible Titan had 100 hours of oxygen, which meant oxygen supplies on board would have expired at circa 1.08pm local time on Thursday, June 22. A number of us have followed this story very closely hoping to hear and see urgent “breaking news” [...]

Malta needs a new maritime strategy – ‘The maritime industry deserves and urgently needs a strategic plan’

Established in October of 2015 specifically to promote the interests of the maritime community, the Malta Maritime Forum, together with all stakeholders from Malta’s maritime industry, seeks to create synergies to expand Malta’s network as an important international maritime hub. “Over the past weeks, I have been engaging mostly with our regulators and policy makers [...]

June 26th, 2023|Article, MMF News|
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