Malta needs a dedicated maritime authority by Godwin Xerri & Kevin J Borg

In July 2021, in the midst of rife specu­lation about a possible election date, the Malta Maritime Forum (MMF) submitted a ‘Maritime-Centred Manifesto’ to the prime minister and the leader of the opposition. The document contained 10 concrete suggestions aimed at consolidating Malta’s leading position in the shipping world. Key among these was a proposal [...]

November 22nd, 2022|Article, Featured Article|

An Exclusive Economic Zone for Malta

Penned by Judge Emeritus Joseph Zammit McKeon The Malta Maritime Forum (MMF) has considered a public document entitled ‘Exclusive Economic Zone – A Sea of Opportunities'. This document followed the enactment of the Exclusive Economic Zone Act 2021 (Chapter 625 of the Laws of Malta). The Act enables the Government to declare and designate by [...]

The Birth of the Malta Ship Register by Joseph Curmi MOM

It is said that the first steps leading to a successful adventure are quite important.  The purpose of this concise write-up is to give the background to the highly successful results which now make Malta the foremost Ships’ Registry in Europe and a leading Register globally. As an introduction, I should state that my long [...]

MMF Chairman on Specialized Court for Maritime Litigations

In his latest article, MMF Chairman Judge Emeritus Joseph Zammit McKeon refers to the proposals the MMF submitted in 2021 to the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition aimed at consolidating Malta’s position in the maritime sector. One proposal was the allocation through legislation of maritime litigation to a specialised court. To read the [...]

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