On 12 July, the Malta Maritime Forum celebrated its membership with an evening social event held at the Magazino Hall at Valletta Cruise Port.

In his opening address MMF Chairman Judge Emeritus Joseph Zammit McKeon said that the members of the Forum represented the primary resource of the maritime sector because they carry a wealth of contacts, information and expertise which is priceless for the country.

Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects, Hon. Aaron Farrugia outlined the priorities for the Maritime Industry in the coming years: decarbonisation, digitalisation, and capacity building. He described the Industry as an important pillar of the economy and thanked the Malta Maritime Forum and its members for their contribution over the years for the Industry to flourish and put Malta on the map as a leading maritime jurisdiction.  The Hon Minister also reiterated his commitment to maintain a healthy dialogue with MMF with a view to continue consolidating the industry.

The Shadow Minister for Maritime Affairs and Employment Hon. Ivan Castillo underlined the importance of collaboration and co-operation amongst stake maritime industry holders and ministries. He stressed that dialogue is key and praised the Malta Maritime Forum for accomplishing this amongst all the different pillars in the Maritime industry. Hon Ivan Castillo claimed that the stakeholders are drivers of the sector and it was the duty of politicians to ensure that all obstacles and barriers are removed so they can continue to move forward.

He spoke about taking Malta into the Maritime digital age through Digitalization and Artificial intelligence and emphasized the need for a holistic strategic plan which incorporates all sectors within the Maritime sector. He said that all sectors are interdependent upon each other although they can all individually grow.

During the Networking event, the MMF launched its Membership Certificates. The MMF Chairman described the certificates as “a public commitment of mutual support between the Board and the members of the Forum”. 

The Certificates are an integral part of the Forum`s Membership Engagement Strategy and plan of action and will be issued each calendar year according to the three membership categories of the MMF, namely Corporate, Associate and Individual.

Karin Grech
Author: Karin Grech