The Malta Maritime Forum and the Container Traders & Innovators Association are pleased to announce a 1-Day Professional Awareness Course.

The training is being held in conjunction with the Mediterranean Maritime Research Training Center

Plan now to attend a Dedicated 1-day Professional Awareness Course focusing on Regulations and Guidelines Relating to the Convention for Safe Containers.

Dates: Choice of Tuesday 8 May or Wednesday 9 May 2018


The Container Traders and Innovators Association ( is organising a 1-day Awareness Course on CSC (the Convention for Safe Containers) in Malta (2 dates: Tuesday 8 May and Wednesday 9 May). The aim of the Course is to provide participants with an increased awareness of CSC, to explain its implications for their companies, and to explain recent changes in regulations.

The Course is intended for operational/technical staff who are involved in container operations, shipping, handling, leasing, inspection, sales, trading, transport and depot management.


The Course has been approved by the Malta Maritime Forum and is part of the MMF’s Education Portfolio. It will take place at The Mediterranean Maritime Research Training Center (MMRTC).


About the Course

The Course provides a background to the CSC, explaining the rules governing the standards to which all containers are subject. It consists of a presentation introducing the CSC and the reasons for it, followed on by an explanation and analysis of CSC’s requirements and criteria.


The Course clarifies the fundamental differences between “ACEP” and “Next Inspection Date”, bringing awareness to structurally sensitive components / container safety.


Other related industry criteria and regulations are covered, thus providing a background to the industry. Associated factors dealing with the structural integrity of the units (such as repairs and repair quality) are also looked at.


There is also a short video which provides a guideline illustrating how containers are produced.


Course Agenda – What is included?


  • Course aims and objectives
  • Introduction and origins of the CSC
  • Maintenance
  • Responsibility
  • Regulations for testing
  • Unsafe containers
  • Container components
  • Tank container components
  • Container considered unsafe?
  • Safety Approval Plate
  • Maintenance and examination procedures
  • Records of examinations
  • Frequency of examination
  • Testing methods and requirements
  • Control measures
  • Acceptable/non-acceptable repairs



Practical Arrangements – Dates and Timetable

The 1-day Course will be organised on Tuesday 8 May and again on Wednesday 9 May 2018. You can select your preferred date. To permit full engagement by participants – and to ensure that all questions can be answered individually – the Courses are limited to a maximum of 12 persons.


In view of the limited number of participants, registration will be done on a strictly “first-come, first-served” basis.


The Course will start at 09:30 (Registration and Coffee from 09:00) and will conclude at 15:30. There will be plenty of time for discussion and Q&A Sessions, with a short written test at the end. However, times are flexible and the Course Leader will be available to answer questions and speak to the Group as a whole, or on an individual basis, for the whole day.
All participants will be provided with a CTIA Certificate of Attendance


Course Leader

The Course Leader is Robbie Burns, who has over 40 years’ experience in the Container business. Robbie has given multiple Courses on CSC over the past 10 years.


Registration Fee and How to Register

The Registration Fee is €250 per person. To register, please contact

Mr. Michael Callus at [email protected] or call 79844845


What the Registration Fee includes

The Course includes:

  • Full day course, with PowerPoint and Video, based on the Agenda indicated above.
  • Course Leader available to answer questions throughout the day
  • All course documentation.
  • A copy of the latest CSC Book, published by the IMO, for all participants.
  • A Test for all participants at the end of the Course.
  • A “CTIA CSC Course – Certificate of Attendance” for all Participants


Thank you.