The Malta Maritime Forum was invited to a consultation meeting with a joint delegation from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the European Commission to discuss a project entitled: ‘Implementing Malta’s Sustainable Development Strategy and Action Plan Coherently’. The OECD representatives requested a bilateral meeting with the MMF as the key interlocutor for the maritime industry, to obtain its views on the current state of play in the area of Blue Economy, as well as to understand the status of implementation of relevant strategies related to this policy area.

The MMF representatives, namely Judge Joseph Zammit McKeon, Chairman; Godwin Xerri, Vice Chairman; Lino Vassallo, former Vice Chairman and Kevin J Borg, CEO, highlighted and elaborated on the priority policies for the MMF and its members. These included the skills gap, decarbonisation, digitalisation and ocean literacy.

The OECD is an international organisation that works to build better policies for better lives. Its goal is to shape policies that foster prosperity, equality and well-being for all.  It draws on 60 years of experience and insights to better prepare the world of tomorrow. Together with governments, policy makers and citizens, the OECD works on establishing evidence-based international standards and finding solutions to a range of social, economic and environmental challenges. From improving economic performance and creating jobs to fostering strong education and fighting international tax evasion. It provides a unique forum for the exchange of experiences, best-practice sharing, and advice on public policies and international standard-setting.

Karin Grech
Author: Karin Grech