The Malta Maritime Forum has recently held its annual general meeting at Europa House, Valletta. The programme included a number of distinguished speakers who made presentations to highlight progress and issues relating to the maritime sector.

The International Maritime Law Institute was represented by Norman Martinez Gutierrez, a professor at IMLI who has been rendering services in Malta for the past 20 years.


The Malta Maritime Forum took the opportunity to explain to its members and other attendees the extent of initiatives taken during 2017, within the local and international scenarios. The members were pleased with the MMF’s extensive work and also endorsed changes to the statute to allow the MMF to be recognised as a legal entity. Joseph Bugeja, CEO and board director, represented the MMF.

Joe Borg, MMF chairman, concluded the AGM with a general review of the MMF’s various initiatives for 2017 and the vision and target for the coming year 2018.  Dr Borg announced that the European Network of Maritime Clusters will he holding its general meeting in Malta around October 2018.

Author: MMF