Naples, 7 November 2022: Yesterday marked the opening of the 27th session of the Conference of the Parties of the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change), or COP27, which brings together two hundred nations, thousands government delegates, scientists, representatives of international institutions and NGOs.

The Conference, taking place at the International Convention Centre in Sharm el-Sheikh (Egypt) and lasting two weeks, aims to give concrete implementation to the Paris Agreement and the commitments of the international community on climate matters.

During the Green Shipping Challenge launch event, held this afternoon as part of COP27, particular emphasis was given to the Clean Energy Marine Hubs initiative, co-led by an international task force of CEOs and aiming to accelerate global production and transport of green fuels. The initiative is promoted by international organizations including the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), the body that represents national shipping associations globally and over 80% of the world merchant fleet.

As President of the ICS, the Grimaldi Group Managing Director Emanuele Grimaldi is among the speakers at COP27. During this afternoon’s event, he highlighted the importance of the commitment of all stakeholders in the Clean Energy Marine Hubs initiative: “A year on from COP26, a great deal is still being talked about the production of hydrogen and other low-carbon fuels, but very little on how this will actually be done. That’s why the recent Clean Energy Marine Hubs initiative is so crucial, because it brings together the whole energy value chain to ensure that producing, transporting, and using net zero-emission fuels becomes a reality.”

“Decarbonising shipping and decarbonising the world are two sides of the same coin. All stakeholders across the world’s energy landscape need to work together to decarbonise, and I’m delighted to see that this is reiterated today here at COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh,” added Emanuele Grimaldi.

The Italian shipping group Managing Director had already spoken on the topic last week in Malmö (Sweden), in front of over 300 representatives of the maritime sector, during the Graduation Ceremony of the IMO (International Maritime Organization) World Maritime University, for which the Grimaldi Group finances some scholarships destined for maritime operators from emergingcountries. On that occasion, he reiterated his belief that only a global solution can solve a global problem and allow to tackle the issue of reducing CO2 emissions in a better, faster and more effective way than any regional solution.

Source: Grimaldi Group

Karin Grech
Author: Karin Grech