The Malta Maritime Forum is pleased to announce the striking of a Partnership Agreement with the Malta Employers’ Association (MEA).
The agreement is aimed at granting the MMF wider exposure on the MEA media which are most relevant to the Maritime Community, namely the online MEA Index platform and the popular MEA TV programme. These media will support the MMF’s in its objective to “fly the flag” for the Maltese maritime community.

In light of the impressive traction achieved by the MEA through its media, Judge Emeritus Joseph Zammit McKeon expressed delight at the striking of the agreement and commented that “Exposure on these established and much-followed channels will allow the Malta Maritime Forum to continue to gain traction for its messages in favour of the Maritime Industry, the importance of which is regretfully often overlooked”.

“Given the MMF’s conscious mission to maintain a vertical focus on the maritime industry, it has found an ideal partner in the Malta Employers’ Association which keeps a general overview of Malta’s socio-economic development at a macro level. The MEA is a consistent winner of the National Business Support Award and we are delighted to team up with the MEA to combine our mutual strengths with a view to providing better value to our respective membership bases whilst fully respecting our individual missions and objectives” concluded the MMF Chairman.

Echoing the sentiment of the MMF Chairman, MEA’s Director-General, Mr Farrugia said that such an agreement will serve to continue to strengthen the networking capacity of his Association amongst the business community and facilitate their access to information. He praised the professional approach of the Malta Maritime Forum. Mr Farrugia emphasized the importance for employers to be continuously kept updated with all business-related developments and reiterated the MEA’s objective to ensure that information and services given by different entities are synergized.

Author: MMF