The Malta Maritime Forum and

The International Propeller Clubs – Italy

Join Forces to Organise a Four-Day

Maritime Program in `MALTA’.


The Italian delegation was made up of 45 professional persons from the maritime sector in Italy which included representatives from Genoa, La Spezia, Milan, Naples, Ravenna, Salerno, Taras, Trieste and Venice. It also included the Director General of the Italian Ministry of Transport & Infrastructure.

The main focus of the visit was a full day Conference held at the Maritime Museum on the 26th April, in collaboration with the Malta Maritime Forum and the participation of representatives from Transport Malta as well as the Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure & Capital Projects.

The Conference covered various presentations addressing “Ports, Shipping, Logistics and Economic Developments”. Speakers from the Maltese attendees included, introductory addresses by Dr Joe Borg, Chairman of the Malta Maritime Forum and by Mr. Jesmond Zammit, Advisor to the Hon. Minister Dr Ian Borg, Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects.

The first Session focusing on Shipping was moderated by Mr. Michael Callus and a presentation followed by Mr Joseph Bugeja, CEO of the Forum concentrating on the Motorways of the Sea and their impact on the Maltese economy.

Mr. Godwin Xerri, Board member of the Forum but also the President of the European Shortsea Network, addressed the floor on “Short Sea Shipping from the ESN perspective”.

Capt. David Bugeja, Chief Officer & Harbour Master & Yachting Directorate Transport Malta, Capt. Jesmond Mifsud, Board member of the Forum / Chief Pilot together with Ms. Carolina Borg, Manager Malta Freeport Terminals, gave very interesting presentations regarding their respective operations as participants on the ‘Shipping’ panel.

Dr Ann Fenech, Board member of the Forum, President of the Malta Maritime Law Association and Member of the Commite Maritime International gave a detailed presentation on the subject of ‘The Malta Flag – An asset to the owner in search of finance’.

Mr. Ivan Falzon, Registrar General of Shipping and Seamen at the Malta Flag Administration – Transport Malta, took the opportunity to highlight the advantages resulting from registering vessels under the Malta Flag.

The Italian delegates covered various topics relating to ports and to the maritime and economic dimensions concerning Italy and Malta. They covered also such topics as a comparative analysis of ‘two port models’, a ‘ Focus on Flag Framework’ and the views of the Association of Ship Brokers and Ship Agents in Italy.

During the visit to Malta, representatives from the Italian delegation, led by the President

Sig. Umberto Masucci and the Italian Ambassador to Malta, H.E. Dott. Mario Sammartino, were received at Auberge de Castile by the Hon. Prime Minister Dr Joseph Muscat, who was accompanied by his Chief of Staff Mr. Keith Schembri as well as Mr. James Piscopo CEO & Chairman of Transport Malta. The meeting with the Hon. Prime Minister was very constructive and it gave both sides an occasion to share and exchange views on many maritime topics of common interest.

During the visit to Malta, the Italian delegates experienced a port tour, organised by Tug Malta followed by visits to Malta Freeport, Palumbo Shipyards, Enemalta and Valletta Grand Harbour.

The event included a reception and dinner at the Malta Royal Yacht Club wherein Dr.Borg and Sig. Masucci exchanged mementos and addressed the Italian and Maltese delegates and guests.