Zammit McKeon steps down from Malta Maritime Forum to become Ombudsman

The Malta Maritime Forum  (MMF) has congratulated Judge Joseph Zammit McKeon on being appointed Ombudsman by unanimous vote in the House of Representatives on March 6.

Judge Zammit McKeon was appointed chairman of the MMF in May 2021 and must now step down from this position since the Office of the Ombudsman ex lege precludes him from holding other such posts.

The board of directors and members of the MMF are equally unanimous as the country’s MPs in expressing their appreciation to their outgoing chairman who has led the forum with immense enthusiasm, vigour and pride.  The MMF considers itself privileged to have been led by Judge Zammit McKeon, benefitting, in the process from his wisdom, integrity, energy and fortitude – unique attributes that have earned him his new position and the glowing praise bestowed on him during the parliamentary debate on his appointment from both sides of the house.

In true nautical fashion, the MMF wishes Judge Zammit McKeon ‘fair winds and following seas’ as he takes up his new office.

In line with the provisions of the MMF statute, the deputy chairman, Godwin Xerri, is assuming with immediate effect the position of chairman until further notice.

This article appeared in the Times of Malta on 12 March 2023
Karin Grech
Author: Karin Grech