“Our vision is to elevate standards in the maritime industry which requires action and
commitment from the private and public sector alike. Of course, we are proud of our legacy
but we need a quantum leap forward in standards overall whilst ensuring readiness for the
digitalisation and decarbonisation challenges which are being tackled head-on in other

Malta Maritime Forum (MMF) Chairman, Godwin Xerri made these bold statements upon
welcoming the Leader of the Opposition and Opposition Spokesman for Maritime Affairs to Sa
Maison House to discuss matters of topical mutual interest with the MMF Board of Directors.
The MMF explained that the maritime sector was experiencing massive transformation with
longer and wider vessels powered by transitional fuels and Malta needed to complement these
developments in order to sustain and grow business opportunities.

The MMF argued that the industry has been resilient during Covid and the Forum feels that
Government should channel more funds through the EU’s Recovery and Resilience Fund
directed at long-term investment in the sector which will in turn generate further economic

The MMF underlined the role of education and talent in ensuring further success for the
industry and explained that the MMF was consistently pressing for increased exposure of
maritime careers and better coordination between the relevant stakeholders in this regard.
During the meeting, both Hon Dr Bernard Grech and Hon Ivan Castillo commended the Forum
for its active endeavours in favour of giving maritime-related subjects due exposure on the
national agenda particularly through its researched position papers. The Leader of the
Opposition reiterated his Party’s commitment towards appointing a Minister for Maritime
Affairs if elected to power and to establish the necessary dedicated maritime institutions to
serve the industry within the local and international spheres.

Karin Grech
Author: Karin Grech